Saturday, 20 June 2009

First things first, something about me

Hello everyone!

I'll try to make this blog something I've looked for quite some time, but I'm unable to find. I'm a not so beginner, but not very experienced programmer of Java applications. Most of the time I write web applications. I believe that this type of applications has a bright future, no installation, access from anywhere, requires only web browser and Internet access, this can't really be any simpler. And now, that we have AJAX and stuff like JSF or Portlets, that ease writing such applications and make them more interactive, we can go and try to get rid of some installable applications.

But not everything is as easy as it should, or can, be. My not so big experience and need to use always latest versions and all or most interesting technologies have caused me a headache many times. But fortunately I'm stubborn enough to try for quite some time, to get past most problems I encounter. I believe I'm good enough, that some solutions I've prepared are worthy enough to be shown public. Besides, sometimes I ask questions no one is willing to answer. There are two explanations to this: either my questions are so specific that I simply cannot reach those few, who know the answer, or my problems are pretty common, but no one ever posted a solution, so there are those, who still ask questions. And I do search the Internet.

Either way I'll try to keep this blog a place where I'll publish my solutions to some problems I came by and solved one way or another. Of course any comments are welcome, for me myself and for all those coders out there who might struggle with the same or similar problems. I hope I'll help some of you, and maybe you will help me sometimes.

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